About Abe

Abe and his wife Kelly live in Northfield, MN.  They have two daughters.  One is Emily.  She's two years old.  The other is Kate.  She's a baby.  They all like taking walks and making jokes and reading books.    

Abe holds a B.A. in biblical studies and a Masters of Divinity from Bethel Seminary in St. Paul, MN.  He completed two years of course work in the Hebrew and Semitics department at UW-Madison.  Upon the arrival of Emily, Abe made the decision to enter back into local church work.  Like the Rabbis of old, Abe believes that an hour spent studying Torah is an hour spent in prayer. 

Abe is a cook, a preacher, a diabetic, and a bruised Minnesota sports fan.  He likes reading scholarly-type stuff (when he can find the time), but his friends would tell you that what he really likes to do is watch movies and TV (and that he quotes them too much).